CPU requires that each commercial account be covered by a deposit. The deposit is to be paid at the time services are initiated and is a non-interest-bearing deposit.

Deposit schedule

Customer Class Service Type Electric Water Water/Sewer All Services
Commercial Warehouse w/o a.c. $90 $35 $95 $185
Commercial service All Other The previous commercial customer’s 12-month average times 2.5
Commercial Fire Hydrant Meter $90

NOTE: In lieu of a cash deposit, CPU will accept a surety bond issued by a surety company qualified to do business in Mississippi, a letter of credit issued by a bank authorized to do business in Mississippi unconditionally guaranteeing payment, or other form of security satisfactory to the Commission in the amount of the required deposit in excess of $1,500.

Procedures for non-payment final bill:

  • 1. Clarksdale Public Utilities terminates for non-pay.
  • 2. Customer service representative creates disconnect service order.
  • 3. Billing clerk processes service order for final billing.
  • 4. Account placed in “held deposit file” for 30 days.
  • 5. Account removed from “held deposit file” on day 31 and deposit applied to outstanding invoice.

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