If you have a leak on your side of the meter, you may be eligible for a plumber’s bill adjustment. Just submit the bill to us after the leak is fixed and we’ll deduct the amount from your sewer charges. You may receive this credit only for three consecutive months with no more than one credit every six months. The average is determined by the last 12 months of usage.

When sewer leaks are discovered on the customer side of the meter, CPU applies a financial adjustment to wastewater (sewer) usage charges on a customer’s bill.

The adjustment will reduce the excess sewer usage charges to the customer’s average costs based on the last 12 months. Leak adjustments will cover no more than three consecutive months. Only one financial adjustment associated with billed usage will be allowed every six months.

A leak adjustment may be granted when all of the following conditions are present:

  • Leak occurred due to burst pipes or lines.
  • Leak occurred on the customer’s side of the meter.
  • Plumber’s receipt or other proof confirms the leak was repaired.

No adjustments will be granted where any of the following situations exist:

  • When the leak continues for four or more months, there will be no adjustment for the fourth month or subsequent months.
  • A leak adjustment was issued within the past six months for the same premise.
  • High usage is due to a running toilet or leaking faucet.

If water was used for the fill-up of a swimming pool and the water does not go into the sewer system, a one-time sewer-only adjustment will be calculated based on the difference between the excess sewer charges and the average sewer charges for the past 12 months.

Before filling up a swimming pool, contact CPU customer service department with questions about pool credits.

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