CPU’s New Generations Prepares Clarksdale for the Future

Utility celebrates 125th anniversary with ongoing service improvements

As part of its 125th anniversary celebration, Clarksdale Public Utilities is launching New Generations, a forward-thinking initiative highlighting the utility’s role as a loyal provider of essential services that Clarksdale can always count on—now and well into the future.

New Generations outlines a plan to improve customer service through better communications, more personalized services and new technologies that will make it easier and more convenient to do business with the utility.

“We have much to celebrate and even more to look forward to as Clarksdale’s locally owned and dedicated utility provider,” said Curtis D. Boschert, CPU general manager. “With New Generations, we are upping our commitment to lead Clarksdale into the future with cutting-edge technology, unwavering reliability and a promise to keep essential utilities—water, electricity and wastewater—flowing strongly and affordably for years to come.”

Delivering high-quality services at affordable rates is a cornerstone of CPU’s commitment. CPU customers continue to pay less for utilities when compared to area providers and can expect excellent levels of reliability.

Moving forward, New Generations marks an even stronger focus on ensuring that service, reliability and affordability are central to the utility’s mission. Included in CPU’s plans are infrastructure and reliability upgrades designed to minimize outages, enhance service and lay the groundwork for future technologies.

Also in the works are expanded 24/7 online access options that enable customers to do things like view and pay multiple accounts in one place, sign up for text/mail account alerts, and stay current on balances and avoid late fees – all from the convenience of a phone or computer.

With a renewed focus on affordability and payment flexibility, New Generations will make sure customers continue benefiting from cost-saving tips during extreme weather and adaptable payment plans to help them manage utility bills more effectively.

CPU also intends to build upon its use of innovative technologies such as renewable energy sources to optimize system performance and efficiency.

Strengthening CPU’s bond with the community also remains a priority through investments in programs and initiatives that enhance Clarksdale’s quality of life.

“Operating Clarksdale’s utility systems is a public trust that we must earn every day,” Boschert said. “New Generations reflects our sustained focus on being responsive to customers and finding more ways to add value to their services. Even with 125 years of experience, there are always opportunities to learn and improve, and that’s the path CPU is forging into the future.”

Clarksdale Public Utilities is a municipally owned utility serving approximately 6,800 homes and businesses in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Its mission is to safely provide sustainable electric, water and wastewater services in a reliable and courteous manner by well-trained team members, committed to top quality, efficient operations, competitive rates and the vitality of the community.

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For more than 125 years, Clarksdale Public Utilities has supplied utility services that support our community’s growth, vibrance and quality of life. But we are more than a provider of reliable and affordable electric, water and wastewater services — we are your family, friends and neighbors. We are people who care. We are CPU.

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