Simple Steps can add up to big savings this winter

As Clarksdale residents reach for their jackets and coats to stay warm, they are turning on the heat to keep their homes warm, too. Using more heat equates to higher utility bills, but there are steps our customers can take to make their homes more energy efficient, not only in the winter but year-round.

One of the advantages of our Simple Steps initiative is that most tips are do-it-yourself and do not involve spending money or investing in upgrades. By adjusting everyday habits, such as setting thermostats at 68°F and opening windows to benefit from solar heat, customers can lower utility costs while staying comfortable and saving money.

Safety is also a concern during winter months as customers start using space heaters and fireplaces. Risks include house fires and carbon monoxide exposure, so make sure you follow instructions for safely operating heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, portable generators and other appliances.

Raising awareness about energy efficiency is part of our Bright Future initiative to engage more with customers and add value to the services we provide. Please read our news release for more tips on how to stay comfortable and safe while lowering heating bills this winter.

Curtis D. Boschert

CPU General Manager

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