Clarksdale Public Utilities Celebrates National Groundwater Awareness Week

Utility urges community to be good stewards of this important and valuable resource

Groundwater. We can’t live without it. In fact, an estimated 145 million Americans get their tap water from an underground source and Clarksdale residents are no different. In an effort to remind residents just how important it is to conserve and protect this valuable natural commodity, Clarksdale Public Utilities is celebrating National Groundwater Awareness Week March 5-11.

Held by the National Ground Water Association since 1999, the weeklong observance aims to highlight the responsible development, management and use of groundwater. It also serves as a platform to encourage yearly well testing and maintenance, as well as the promotion of policies impacting groundwater quality and supply.

“Water is an essential utility that our customers count on,” said Curtis D. Boschert, CPU general manager. "As part of our Bright Future initiative, we are committed to delivering safe, reliable drinking water that meets all regulatory standards. We also are continuously improving our processes to better serve our community’s needs now and in the future.”

Clarksdale’s water comes from eight deep wells located in the prehistoric Sparta and Upper Wilcox aquifers. These bodies of sediment or porous rock, which cover large areas, are saturated as precipitation seeps through the soil. The resulting groundwater can then be accessed for human consumption, livestock and animals, irrigation and more through natural springs and manmade wells.

In addition to the water CPU provides, other area residents get their water from privately owned wells. Groundwater Awareness Week also serves as a reminder for these well owners to test their private water systems and treat them if necessary. NGWA encourages owners to hire only certified water well contractors to ensure the systems are operating correctly and producing safe and healthy water.

“Last year, CPU processed and delivered millions of gallons of safe drinking water to homes and businesses,” said Boschert. “We work around-the-clock to ensure our drinking water follows all health and safety guidelines and monitor for the presence of drinking water contaminants. We join the NGWA in encouraging our local private well owners to do the same.”

How can members of the community be good stewards and minimize any potential groundwater contamination? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Safely store, handle, and use chemicals and fuels.
  • Reduce or substitute the use of chemicals whenever possible.
  • If chemicals are necessary, always use them according to directions.
  • Keep chemicals and waste safe from rain.
  • Properly dispose of all waste; don’t dump chemicals down drains or on the ground.
  • To find out how to properly recycle hazardous waste, contact the appropriate Coahoma County office.

In addition to groundwater awareness, NGWA and its partners also are focusing their advocacy on promoting professional opportunities in the groundwater industry with the aim of keeping up with consumer demand.

Clarksdale Public Utilities is a municipally owned utility serving approximately 6,800 homes and businesses in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Its mission is to safely provide sustainable electric, water and wastewater services in a reliable and courteous manner by well-trained team members, committed to top quality, efficient operations, competitive rates and the vitality of the community.

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